After School "Milkshakes"

It seems as though my almost-four-year-old is always hungry these days, but never as much as she is after a day at pre-school. The learning and playing and sand box fun depletes her inner resources and she'll ask for snack after snack, even after lunch, and will still eat a full dinner. How to get real, fresh, vitamin-packed foods into her body and stop myself from reaching for the snack jar filled with packaged goodies? A simple smoothie often does the trick.

Lulu's Milkshakes
8 oz. almond milk
1 banana, cut up and frozen at least overnight
a scant 1 T honey

6 strawberries
1T peanut butter
1T cocoa

Because the little one is sensitive to dairy, I use almond milk and bananas to thicken the shake. She asked for strawberries, although I might have added a tablespoon of peanut butter or cocoa, too, as noted above.

I use the pitcher of the blender to measure 8 ounces of the almond milk and place everything on top of that.

And, voila! One happy, healthy kid!
What do you give your little ones as healthy snacks? I could use the tips!


  1. This recipe will totally satisfy my sweet tooth, decrease my waistline and make my Weight Watcher's buddies happy! Yippee!!!

  2. SO CUTE!!!!! my daughter would love these!!! sounds so much healthier than the S'more flavor Pop Tarts we got the other day....( just GOTTA with the Pop-Tarts....) :)


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