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Last week was so busy with the business of baking, there was hardly any baking in it! (Although, I did make up for it over the weekend.) From investigating which certifications I need to sell my baked goods to finding a commercial kitchen, it was a crash course in what needs to happen behind the scenes. On Friday, we went big and opened an Etsy Shop.
Baking: A Love Story's Etsy Shop
Baking: A Love Story's Etsy Shop

Because everything ordered in the Etsy Shop will be shipped, the focus is on bars, some of which you've seen here. Date Bars, Brownies of all kinds, Peanut Butter Jelly Bars, Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars, etc. Plus, I'm working on a set of three sauces. Naturally, one will be hot fudge, another is a Hot Buttered Rum Sauce that I worked on over the weekend and the third will be a berry sauce, a true labor of love. Requests are welcome!

While there is still a load of work to do, from developing recipes to baking and photographing them - not to mention the finalizing of our packaging and logo, et al, it feels like a giant leap forward into making this dream of mine a reality.

Come visit the Etsy Shop and please make requests in the comments of this post.



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