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Medjool dates as they fell out of the container before chopping for date bars. I kid you not, this heart really happened spontaneously. 
Hello, friends.

This week, I filled Order no. 3 from my Etsy Shop and am so excited about (could it be???) possibly making my passion a business. I love that we're all doing this together, too. Along my path, I've often felt I had to have it all figured out before sharing my ideas, but this one is the most natural evolution I've experienced. I love to bake. Love. I do it almost every day, whether anyone's buying it or not. How amazing it might be to turn this into my profession.

I spent most of yesterday filling said Etsy Shop with new items, like favors and hot fudge sauce. I'm working on a fruit sauce and have nearly finished my caramel sauce, which will more than likely be called Hot Buttered Rum Sauce, although the whole salted caramel thing is big these days, so, I may fall prey to that trend. The sauce does include rum and is both sweet and tangy. I think people will like it. (Fingers crossed.)
Various favor options.
The Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce added yesterday is really for me dark chocolate lovers - me those who can take a whallop of chocolate with a smile. I've also developed a Caramel Chocolate Sauce that's sweeter and more appropriate for kids and those who prefer a more ice cream shoppe flavor, but that's not quite yet for sale. Try me Friday.

A few more things I'll be adding to the Etsy Shop include Earl Grey shortbread and a brown sugar ganache bar. I'm also seeking out the right food safe cold gel packs so I can ship all this stuff safely and the perfect little carton like this one for holding 3 4oz. tubs of my hot fudge sauces so I can create a gift pack. Any leads on gifty cartons/boxes/crates are welcome.
Hot Buttered Rum or Salted Caramel Sauce. Not sure yet!
Anyhow, that's what I'm up to.

I love you for reading this. It fills my heart. Thank you for being part of my love story.

And don't forget (shameless plug), you, too, can order my sweet things here.



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