A Not-At-All-Spooky Halloween Cookie Party

Here's how this all went down: last Wednesday, Lulu had a play date scheduled with Charlie. Charlie and Lulu wanted a fun activity, so, of course, Little Miss Baker thought it would be fun to make Halloween cutout cookies and decorate them. After securing 4 adorably spooky cookie cutters at Williams-Sonoma, LMB rolled on over to her favorite cake supply store to see what cute decorations they might have. You might be able to guess, but at this point, I'm about $40 into this play date. As any good mother in San Diego County would do, I found myself at Target buying Halloween plates, napkins and, naturally, candy corn (for the kids!!!). Without a single phone call, this play date had clearly become a party.

Thank goodness Charlie's mom is so cool because we invited a small troop of the girls from Lulu's preschool to come by that very Wednesday and decorate some cookies. In perfect Halloween spirit, as soon as they arrived, the girls went through Lulu's closet and changed into dress up clothes - all of the princess variety (they are 4!). After running around our tiny very cozy condo for a while, they all sat perfectly quietly and decorated cookies like little masters. Each decorated one for herself and, if she had the patience, a few for her family. (Very bad iPhone photos below.) 

The best part of all this was what a great time we all had with, really, a minimum of planning and expectations. If only the rest of life went like this play date!

We have one week till Halloween. I strongly suggest baking up some impromptu fun!



P.S. Cookie recipe is here. The glazes are after the photos.

P.P.S. My very talented friend Kate took far better photos than I and I will for sure be asking her to partner on a post in the near future. Stay tuned!
The setup.

Mise en place.

It's possible that not all of the girls waited until they got home to eat their cookies.

Look how diligently she's working. She's a pro already!

Because when we think Halloween, we think Elsa & Anna. Doesn't everyone?

Working it. In every way.

This one is mine. Can you see the sugar gloom in her eyes?

We really made the most of these Frozen rice paper decals I bought for Lulu's birthday last May. They're FINALLY all used up.

My favorite. Made by my friend Kate and eaten as soon as she left. What? I was trying to be respectful and not eat her art in front of her.

One pooped cookie decorator.
Cream Cheese Cookie Icing
Yields enough for 4 dozen cookies. Also, this one acts a bit like royal icing and makes a nice sticky surface for decorating.
1 T cream cheese, at room temp
3 T whole milk or cream, at room temp (this is going to make it much easier to blend)
1-1/2 to 2 C powdered sugar

Whisk cream cheese and milk together first and then add in the sugar and whisk until thoroughly blended and no lumps remain.

Gently spread a small amount on each cookie and decorate immediately.

Buttercream Icing
Yields enough to frost 4 dozen cookies.
This icing I make for my holiday cookies but it's fabulous for cakes, muffins, or anything else you can imagine frosting.
1 stick unsalted butter, at room temp
2 C powdered sugar
1 T vanilla or vanilla bean paste (if you want the flecks)
1/4 t salt

Whip butter for about 3 minutes, until light and fluffy. Add sugar and mix well. Add vanilla and salt and whip another minute or so.

This is a far thicker icing that you can add color to if you like. Or, smooth it onto a cookie and add any additional decorations immediately.


  1. How fun is this???? These are ADORABLE! love the skull and crossbones, I need a cutter like that......

    1. Melissa, it really was fun. The girls laughed and proceeded to break into song (naturally, the song was "Let It Go" because...4). Thanks for the comment!


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