Happy New Year! & One Very Special Resolution

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog, has ever shared this blog and especially to those who comment on this blog. I truly love sharing this part of my life with you and you all deserve all sweet things in 2015.

Pictured above are tiny bites of my favorite Chocolate Ganache Tarte which I first shared with you in August of last year. Hehe. Delicious and rich, they were gobbled up by a bunch of fabulous Anthropologie Babes at the Carlsbad store's customer appreciation birthday event on December 11th (more on that when the store shares the professional pics, too). It was pretty awesome to be asked by Anthro to bake for their public event. I mean, I felt like a pro!

I've never much believed in New Year's Resolutions as one can hardly be expected to maintain anything for a whole year, but the past few birthdays (mine's in August), I've been focused on one particular thing that will change my world and I'm making that an actual resolution this year with actionable steps to make this more of a reality. The resolution? POSITIVE THINKING. I will become more positive in all areas of my thinking and I will let this happen every single day in all kinds of situations. Here's how I'm going to do it:
  1. Write out three things I'm grateful for every single day. If I miss a day, I'll make it up by thinking about the day I missed and mentally searching the day to find those things I was fortunate in. Then, I'll make note of them. (I'm using the Happy Tapper App on my phone.)
  2. Take care of myself to the best of my ability on any given day. My body needs exercise: I will do some. If I want flowers every week and my handsome husband is too busy to think to bring them, I will buy them for myself. If I need a professional house cleaning, I will budget for it and call someone. If I need a nap on a weekend, I'll ask for support with Little One and go lie down. Know what I mean?
  3. I will change my thoughts in the moment, every moment I remember to. I have this nasty, icky habit of telling myself how I could be better rather than telling myself I've done well. For example, the day I ran the Honolulu Marathon, I crossed the finish line disappointed with my time. No matter than I trained for the better part of 6 months, made a commitment to myself, flew across the Pacific, woke up at 3am to be at the starting line. None of that mattered because a man ran past me in Geisha clogs and I felt defeated. Woe is me no more, dammit! I ran a marathon! I've moved across the country twice in one year! I've grounded my family and helped my child adjust to a life of temporary instability! I am BAKER, hear me roar!
Under no circumstances will I be perfect at this. I'm sure I'll fall into negativity for periods of time and find myself having a lot of 'splaining to do. But there was a woman I once knew who used to say "Inside each and every woman is a piece of pure white velvet," meaning, there is a pure, untouched, good part in each of us. I plan to locate and advocate for the one inside myself.

Oh, and I'll bake. I'll be baking up a storm in 2015. I hope you'll be right here, baking with me and telling me all about it. Speaking of which, does anyone else have resolutions they're making? How do you plan to keep them?




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