Paleo Peach Crisp

After my unintentional summer hiatus, a break that was caused mostly by a deep desire to escape the heat of my non-air-conditioned home, I'm thrilled to start sharing some of what I was willing to turn the oven on for with y'all.

First up is this gorgeous, pure crisp that happens to be Paleo-friendly. Not only is this recipe the bees knees, but it can also be made with all sorts of fall fruits like pears, apples, figs...whatever you like and is in season. In fact, the original recipe calls for pears and blueberries. Just sayin'.

I have not gone Paleo, but my mother has and it's having all kinds of positive affects on her person. Did I mention my mom has rheumatoid arthritis? That's the kind that effects pretty much every joint in your body and wreaks havoc on your energy level and immune system. Because there are so many irritants in our atmosphere and foods these days, eating a simple diet of foods that grow can reduce inflammation and seems to help with everything from allergies to arthritis.

When my mom visited over the summer, I was terrified to cook Paleo until she bought me Danielle Walker's Against All Grain. I was afraid I'd have to spend all day in the kitchen. Of spending a small fortune on food. Of feeling hungry and dissatisfied after each meal. Turns out that while I do love me some carbs, I discovered that Ms. Walker just plain makes great food. Whatever the diet, her recipes are incredible. Mom is back in Pasadena and I'm still cooking from this book all the time. I'm hoping for another of Ms. Walker's fine books for Christmas. Just putting that out there...

Anyhow, back to the crisp. Who knew that a simple recipe like this one - WITHOUT SUGAR - could be so yummy? I could totally eat this for breakfast with a dollop of yogurt on it, too (pretty sure yogurt's not Paleo!). Whether you serve this for dessert, breakfast or just try making it for an afternoon adventure, please do try it. It's pretty freaking tasty!



Paleo Peach Crisp
Serves 12

4 cups peeled, sliced peaches
1 T lemon juice
2 T coconut flour
1/4 t salt
1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t allspice

2 T coconut oil, solid form
2/3 C almonds
2/3 C pecans
4 pitted Medjool dates
2 T shredded unsweetened coconut
1-1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t salt

1. Preheat your oven to 375.
2. Mix your fruit ingredients and place into your 9" x 13" baking dish.
3. Place your topping ingredients in a food processor and pulse until it resembles oats.
4. Sprinkle crisp over fruit and bake 35 minutes or until you see juices bubbling from the corners of the crisp.
5. Cool 30 minutes and serve!


  1. Great looking crisp Allison, I've just been cutting out sugar from my diet for the past two weeks, I think this will satisfy any craving I might suddenly get. Glad your back posting : )

    1. Faye, thank you for your comment. It's such a relief to be back in the kitchen and back at the blog. I'm going to have several Paleo recipes this fall, so, stay tuned!


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