It's All In the Name

A year and a half ago, when I sat down at my sister-in-law's table to name this blog (we were still a wee bit homeless then), I thought about what baking means to me. It occurred to me that of all the great loves in my life, baking is the throughline. When I love, I bake. When I grieve, I bake. When I'm bored, excited, happy, sad, lonely, filled get the idea.

I named my blog Baking, a Love Story because it felt like a poetic way to say what I felt about this craft that sustains me and is one of my truest expressions. (I mean, do you see how dramatic I am about baking?) It felt right.

About 2 months into blogging, I searched "baking a love story" to see if my blog would come up in the results. It was third on the list, but lo and behold, at the top of the list was this beautiful blog with a similar name that was all about food and family. Aaaack! The writer at Dinner, a Love Story was well-established, in the process of writing a cook book, and had over 15,000 followers on various social media outlets. omg, I wanted to melt into the floor from the embarrassment of accidentally stealing her brilliant naming idea. How did I not know about Dinner, a Love Story? How was my head buried that deep in the sand?

The moniker Baking, a Love Story has never been the same for me since that day. Sure, I keep on keeping on. BUT, it's time to come up with something else to call this pet project of mine. And yet, I find myself rather inconveniently blocked and unable to come up with anything I like better. Or as well. Or at all!

Any suggestions?

Help! Pleeeaaaase!




  1. I'm sad to hear you changing your blog name, I think it's poetic as you say. You describe baking as such an emotional outlet, it would seem you bake under any circumstances i.e. Happy, excited, sad. How about 'The Emotional Baker' : ) I myself would find it hard to pick a name, I also love baking and throughly enjoy reading about other people successes and fails in the kitchen, I love that people like yourself take time to help share this enthusiasm and without knowing pass it on to your readers. It doesn't matter really to people what your called, your love of baking is evident to people who take the time to visit your blog. Hope you find inspiration soon : )

    1. You are so kind and I truly appreciate your feedback. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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